Come Again - Even

Label:Rubber Records
Highlights:Tell Me How
No Suprises
Black Umbrella
Out My Window

Rating: 8.5/10

Even’s impressive second album, Come Again, sees them adopting a more traditional and classic pop sound, not unlike the Beatles prior to recording Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. The first side of Come Again is near perfect with songs ranging from the jangly Tell Me How to the radio hit Black Umbrella and the more rocking No Surprises. However, it is the low key but brilliant Out My Window that is centrepiece of the album with some backwards guitars giving it a wistful neo-psychedelic feel, not unlike some long lost out-take from Revolver.

The remainder of the album is still very good but has a slighter more progressive feel, as heard in the song 4:18 (and my minds gone green) with its extended psychedelic ending. Only the last song, Getting By extends its welcome just a bit too long. Come Again will probably get Even tagged as another ‘retro’ pop band in the mainstream media but Even are talented and smart enough to transcend any short-sighted tags by knowing that there is no substitute for writing good songs.

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